Deceptive majority!

All truth passess through three stages.first,it is ridiculed,second is violently opposed.Third is accepted as being self evident.(arhtur shopenhauer)Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.,and that often means living outside  the limits of one’s comfort zone. The people on the other side are comfortable,they are with the masses.Their lives are more comfortable early on but  become more … Continua a leggere

General Life post!!!

Hi,i’m Marco Bonomi.I’m here again.I just want to share you some info. My life is changing and i’m trying to improve in the best possible way.On thursday i’ll play again a five soccer match. This year i scored 155 goals(1166 in my carear). Successful people go to work on their philosophy first,because they know it is the source of their … Continua a leggere

Article Marketing!

When you’re doing article marketing it’s not just a matter of cranking out an article and then getting it published–most quality publishers will screen each and every article and decline the ones that are not up to par. As we’ve discussed before, when you write your articles you need to keep the needs of the publishers in mind. After all, … Continua a leggere

Make Money!

Hi,i’m Marco bonomi.Here is some other good books: 8)Mind power(14 $+ expedition fee), 9)Pathways to performance((16 $+ expedition fee), 10)the power of positive thinking(norman vincent peale), 11)The great salesman in the world(og mandino) 12)seven strategies for wealth and happiness(Jim Rohn) 13)The key(joe vitale). If you want one or more of these books just eamil me or make a comment … Continua a leggere

Help for people!

Pick one — * Procrastination * Lack of confidence * Self-criticism * Social anxiety * Fear of rejection * Approval Seeking * Perfectionism * High levels of stress Imagine your life with any or all of those issues GONE. Well, there is a proven way for you to eliminate the beliefs behind those problems. The method is a breakthrough that … Continua a leggere

Mentor post!

This is a bit of rant, but there’s an important lesson involved, so listen in . . . Just yesterday I had person who decided to pick up a copy of my completely story and unabridged blueprint and path to home business success online. This happens all the time, no surprise, but in the comment section she added, and … Continua a leggere

Keyword for online business!!!

The Basics Of Keyword Research For Your Online Business by Gobala Krishnan, MBA & IAHBE Writer Whether you’re trying to build a blog for your SFI home business, or trying to sell other products on the Internet via any type of Website, you simply cannot ignore the allure of getting free search engine traffic from Google and Yahoo. Unlike paid … Continua a leggere

Make Money!!!!

Virtually all natural systems,from ecosystems to animals to organizations have intrinsically optimal rates of growth. The optimal rate is far less than the fastest possible growth. The optimal rate is far less than the fastest possible growth. When growth become excessive-as it does in cancer-the system itself will seek to compensate by slowing down; perhaps putting the organization’s survival at … Continua a leggere